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Exclusive Services

I consider it an honor to partner with women to provide tools that promote calm in their daily lives for themselves and their families. I help them overcome overwhelm by creating mindfulness practices. I would love to partner with you, your team, event or organization. 

Living a mindful and full life is a gift we all can have. 

Have something a little different than my listed services, schedule a time to chat with me. 

Azia Ranea walking in event, ultimate product party 2023 Nashville.


Let me teach you how t curate your personal pause experience daily and transform your overwhelm life to a more present and mindful one. Schedule a 90 minute call with me today.


Coaching Program

Enroll in my 3-month coaching program, designed to not only provide you with the tools you can use in your life but also address limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your potential. Coaching includes live calls, group assignments, and lessons.  **next session June 2024**


Keynote Speaker

Set your event apart by highlighting the importance of wellness and self care as I share about the importance of prioritizing your pause and my PAUSE framework. Can be tailored to your audience, event and needs. 


Workshop Facilitator

This can be conversational, or movement based. Great as a break out session for an event or as a guest for a mastermind group/focus group.

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