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Welcome to the Pause Experience 

Davis Library
7501-B Independence Pkwy
Plano, TX 75025


I cannot wait for YOU to join me monthly for my PAUSE experience, a curated community class where you come to feel seen, safe, and supported. 


This class is for:


- the mom who is feeling like her life is over-scheduled and she is longing for a moment of stillness

- the professional who desires to create a sense of calm even amid high demands

- the woman who wears ALL the hats but struggles to make time for herself​

- someone who needs to connect with themselves but is unsure how​

- the woman who is feeling overstimulated but wants to have a healthy way to control her emotions​


...this class is for ALL of you. Here wellbeing and overall health is valued. It is created with intentionality. Come be inspired, encouraged, and find your pause.

I’d love to see you at my next class...
Is this your first time attending?
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