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Meet Azia

Entrepreneur, mindfulness and mindset coach, motivational speaker

Overwhelmed, anxious, and exhausted was how I could explain my daily state in 2020. Working through grief, life changes, new business ventures, and coming through the pandemic I realized I needed to make a change. Learning how to create calm and starting my mindfulness journey was the game changer that essentially changed my life. 

Azia Ranea with two children in yoga room

Inspiring you 

to create calm daily

Azia Ranea

Hi!! My name is Azia; I am a woman that wears many hats and is going in a lot of directions.

Thankfully I have learned the art of being present, taking a pause, and realizing the power that my pause and your pause holds.

Whether journaling, creating art or reading a book, these moments allow me to show up as my best self for both my family and in my business.


A pause helps me juggle all things without being burned out.

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